Shame on me

Awe man, it’s been a few months since I have written…. shame on me

Sorry, I have been extremely busy working and sitting on the boarder line of being unbearably bored. I blame the rain. I was told we’ve had at LEAST 90 inches of rain this winter. 90 freaken inches man! To say the least being inside was feeling more like prison than enjoyable. I had a few subjects I was interested in writing about but the longer I waited to get on here the interest faded away. Again shame on me…

And don’t take me as a boring person, I did stuff. But sometimes I’d rather be outside running around like a wild animal than in the zoo.

So anyways, the weather is coming around after 2 months of begging it to stop raining and just give us some damn vitamin D. Now everyone can shut up about the weather being so crappy and mow their lawns. Which is all you could hear the first day it was sunny with a slight chance of clouds. To say the least everyone’s lawns are looking damn good.

Even though I binge watched quite a few shows I also worked out pretty damn hard, cleaned up my diet, finished a good ass book, and my freaken Thyroid is making it’s way back to normal. Hell to the M.F. YES! If you don’t know what M.F. stand for just make something up, I’m sure it’s not to far from what I’m saying.

I’m pretty stoked about my Thyroid though I didn’t know how much it was affecting me till now. I feel so much more balanced out. Less moody, more energy and just happier overall. It probably has to do with a cleaner diet too but you know what it played a big roll in wanting to take care of my body even more so. It’s less of a struggle to want to consume more veggies than cake. I don’t crave sweet as much now and my heart doesn’t feel like it’s going to explode. I guess I should have take care of this 2 years ago…. shame on me?

Alright I think I’m done spilling what’s on my walnut brain. So I guess I’m going to try to do something on the sunny but awfully windy day.

Peace out!


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