Ambience In Nature

via Photo Challenge: Ambience

A scenery that really sets an ambience for me is when I’m out taking pictures of the sunset with my best friend. We usually go to the beach to capture the dancing colors in the sky but I provide two of my favorite sunset photos that particularly give off a radiant beauty that makes me feel at ease every time I look at them.

The top photo is when we stayed at a fire lookout during the summer of 2016. This is the night we arrived. It was a breathe taking view of the mountain tops, the dips, the spaces in-between the mountains and beyond. It was an experience I will never forget and this photo of my best friends silhouette with the soft colors in the sky will forever take me back to this wonderful moment in my life.

This second photo is one of the latest times myself and Spencer(silhouette above) went to take photos of the sunset. I will admit I don’t take the most outstanding sunset pictures but compared to my late photos this is an improvement. The colors just make me feel so warm inside and I can’t help but smile. The sound of the ocean adds that much more to the ambience. It’s so easy to relax with this combination. I hope you enjoy!



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