Holy Moly where did 2016 go?!

Well since 2017 is literally around the corner, let’s talk about new years resolutions and ACTUALLY accomplishing them.

Lets face the facts, we all make new year resolutions and for most of us we don’t go through with them. But why? Because we’re freakin lazy human beings that’s why. So it’s time to say farewell to 2016 and make a change this year. If you set goals for the new year hold them against yourself and just freaken do it. Like Nike!  There’s no reason in this Universe why we shouldn’t! So here are the words you should be saying, “Okay 2016 wasn’t my year, or 2016 I accomplished so much, but I shall make this year even better. I will set goals and follow through with them. I will not cheat myself and be a lazy human being. Here I come 2017 I’m all hyped on Mountain Dew and I’m gonna jump on you like a spider monkey!” If you don’t get that last part it’s from Talladega Nights staring Will Ferrell and John Reilly. Hilarious movie! Okay anywaaays, I know it’s one thing to say it but it’s a hell of a lot more to actually take action and challenge thyself. You deserve to be even more amazing than you were before and trust me you’ll be thanking yourself. Accomplishing something feel’s incredible! And this year I’m going to put myself to the test and freakin accomplish all my goals or freakin die trying! Not really, that was a little dramatic. But here are a few of my goals for this year…

~I will practice yoga on a daily basis and it will become a part of my routine (already on day 20 on my 30 day challenge and I feel great!)

~I will enjoy life and adopt a positive attitude no matter how rough it might be

~I will learn something new physically and mentally

~I will try to visit a new place at least a couple times this year

~I wont use “I have nothing to do” as an excuse. There’s always something to do

~I will be wise with my money so I can save most of it to travel

I think that’s more than enough to list. I do have little goals and more long term goals but I’m sure you guys don’t care that much haha. So I challenge you to write down your goals and gosh dang it accomplish them! Like I said before there’s no reason you shouldn’t.  NO EXCUSES! Life’s seriously too short for that nonsense. So go, right now or I mean after you’re done reading this, go write down your goals and laminate the paper. Post it on your bathroom mirror or somewhere you’ll see it everyday. Do it! Do it! Do it! Alright I’m done now….go to it though, seriously.

~Stay awesome or get awesome and don’t forget everything happens for a reason!~


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